"We put in offers on two or three other homes before finally having an offer accepted—at $150K below the seller’s asking price! In Hawaii’s difficult market, this was truly a miracle from God, but I believe He used Yul’s persistence and negotiating skills to allow us to get the house that is just right for us. The seller and her agent turned out to be very difficult to work with, but Yul always kept her calm and worked things out, even taking on personally some costs that should have been the seller’s responsibility. Even when she was busy preparing for her own wedding and on her honeymoon overseas, she still took time to stay in touch with us and on top of the seemingly endless details of the closing process, explaining everything thoroughly and being willing to answer questions at any time. She mentioned several times that she had learned certain things during her training with one of Hawaii’s top agents, and it was evident she must have learned from the best. Even though we didn’t spend much time with her in person (my husband came for the inspection, but we didn’t move to Hawaii until after closing), I feel like Yul is a close friend, and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to anyone looking for property in Hawaii."


"My wife and I could not be more pleased with the outstanding service Yul Song provided us during our six-month home search and purchase process. Although Yul excels in many characteristics, we were especially impressed with her friendliness and patience, along with her willingness and initiative to go out of her way in helping us with the many details of our house search and purchase. My wife and I are first-time home buyers, so we were not prepared for all the details involved, but Yul set us at ease by very patiently explaining details to us and by guiding us step by step up through the date of recording. If we ever buy a home on Oahu again, Yul Song would definitely be the first agent we would consider, and we would highly recommend her to any of our friends looking for a home on the Island. Thank you, Yul, for making our first home purchase such a pleasant experience. You truly have been a Godsend to our family and we are grateful for you!"


"I was greatly impressed with Yul's knowledge, diligence and meticulous attention to the details of our family's transaction. Furthermore, the work and time that she put in to our transaction was clearly above and beyond what I had experienced with other real estate professionals. It is with this knowledge and experience with Yul that I unequivocally and without hesitation would recommend her for any transaction requiring a real estate professional."


"Working with Yul was a great experience for my first time purchasing a home. Yul is very patient and works hard to ensure you purchase the right place for you but also ensures that you receive the maximum value instead of overpaying for what you want. Yul as well as everyone I’ve had to work with have been extremely reliable and responsive."


"My experience with Yul Song surpassed my expectations. She accomplished my 2 requests (sell quickly and at as fair a price as possible) in 4 months! She handled all of the renovations (there were so many) as budgeted. She was very precise in explaining the process and was very respondent when I had any concerns. She made me feel comfortable. There is no doubt that I will call on her again for future real estate transactions."


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